Forms of worship in christianity

What motivates worship: Worship is an act by which we offer praises to God and is not a mood that we get ourselves into nor is a feeling that we put ourselves into by what we hear. Worship is an activity that we give to God where He is the audience to whom we offer our worship. Therefore we need to offer worship that is acceptable to God. The worship we offer to God is spiritual and not merely physical, not just the voice but the soul that rises out of the heart – this is the worship that is satisfying to God. Music and singing are a physical response of our souls to true worship. A worshiping soul can sing if there is music and can still worship without a song if no music is present. The more we grasp the wonder and beauty of our God the more our souls will come to worship Him. We bring to worship that which our hearts bring to worship. If the primary expression of worship is the groove of the tune, it is not considered true worship. God gave specific instructions to Moses of how worship needs to be conducted in the place of worship, which at that time was the tent of the Lord.

The power of music: Andrew Fletcher said; Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws – Music can change and steer a whole generation of young people in any direction it chooses, regardless of the laws. Music is a very powerful instrument and can keep changing as tastes keep fluctuating from generation to generation. In worship, the leader needs to understand the audience and what they will be engaged with. Music is the language of the soul and brings  emotions into a reality where you utter emotions that you really are feeling. Music is also very seductive and can make the means an end in itself. We need to ensure that music does not become a God, but is a means to point people to God. There may be errors in forms and errors in substance, but we need to ensure that we never corrupt the substance. The substance that we sing about should always point us to the truth that is greater.

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