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Our Soul Team is working with our day consideration to use just natural cleaners, no expendable dishes, and are taking a shot at an adhering to a good diet battle to serve non-handled food to the kids. We additionally urge them to take an interest in the vegetable planting in the mid-year and serve these to the kids with their suppers. Additional vegetables are imparted to our neighborhood nourishment room. We will start a test case program this spring to serve solid take-out dinners to the guardians as a contrasting option to fast food take-out and will likewise offer these suppers to our seniors and people with handicaps. What’s more, we plan to hold instructive occasions for our day care guardians and the group to energize more individuals in our group to attempt an option way of life that incorporates better sustenance decisions and more work out.

Our Creation Team is looking into option sources to work our structures and would like to team up with the Village to make full utilization of environmentally friendly power cleaners. We plan to have a vitality review finished and will then organize the progressions we should make in turning out to be thoroughly green.


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